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Rapid Project Management Process & Training


The Analysis (or Discovery) Phase has a number of primary goals, the first of which is to establish the project plan and related details. CG’s second goal is to define the business and technical requirements of the solution. In addition, the CG Team ensures the client environment is ready for solution deployment.

Project Planning

Upon receipt of fully executed agreements, CG’s Team will assign a Project Manager. This Project Manager will serve as the single point of contact for the duration of the project. He/She will meet with Client Project Managers/sponsors to arrange a kickoff meeting with project team members in order to:

  • Review roles and responsibilities
  • Appoint and meet with key project personnel
  • Discuss solution objectives and intended use
  • Discuss the client environment and timetables
  • Review CG Team project process
  • Provide a project plan template for deliverables
  • Complete any and all necessary project documentation

Business and Technical Requirements Definition

This portion of the Analysis Phase consists of meetings between the client and the CG Project Manager, Applications Consultant and/or Custom Engineer, the purpose of which are to discuss solution functionality with the client and to define the client business requirements. By the end of this Phase, the CG Team will have created the final Business and Technical Requirements Documents.

This process may identify requirements that fall outside the scope of this proposal. Services to meet these requirements will be handled through the Change Management process described in a Project Management Plan (PMP).


Upon definition of the business requirements and receipt of the Analysis Phase sign-off document, the CG Team will facilitate the Technical Design Phase of the project. The purpose of this Phase is to determine how the solution architecture will meet the requirements defined in the Business Requirements Document and Technical Requirements Document agreed upon in the Analysis Phase.

Project Services

The CG Project Team will formulate a project solution to address the business and technical requirements agreed to in the Analysis Phase. The CG Project Team will bring together the internal/external design and application engineers required for project success. At the conclusion of their efforts the CG Team will provide a Detailed Design Specification for signature approval.


It is critical that the project environments are ready for the deployment. The CG Team will assist the client with this readiness planning, but it is ultimately the client’s responsibility to provide a stable and acceptable environment, including:

1. The Client Technical and Business resources are available for the project. CG’s onsite resources will conform to onsite job safety and performance requirements as specified by the owner and/or Project General Contractor as outlined in the award contract.

2. The development, deployment and testing of the solution is based on the finalized design. If, at any point in the remaining stages of the project, the client requests changes to the solution as defined in the design, additional charges will apply. These changes will be managed through the Change Management process.

Project Closure

Upon completion of the Turnover Phase of the project a compilation of all project deliverables occurs. These will include the following:

  • Project Completion Test Plan
  • Project Management Plan
  • Project Budget
  • Training Plan
  • Earned Value Analysis (if required)
  • Lesson Learned Documentation
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