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The Leadership Journey®

What is it?

A facilitated, twelve-session, hands-on leadership improvement program to…

  • increase self-awareness to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses
  • better understand, coach and lead others toward shared goals

… all in a safe environment to learn and practice new skills.

Why is it a journey?

Leadership is not a one-time event. Learning to be an effective leader takes time, care and attention.

Spreading the journey over time enables you to try new skills, real-time, to address the challenges you face.

What makes it different from other leadership programs

1) No other program includes and integrates the following instruments (plus more…)

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • DiSC
  • Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode
  • Advancer’s Team Dimensions Profile

All of our coaches are ICF-accredited

3) Satisfies recertification for:

  • 18 prism CPD credits
  • PSM level, 3 points

What is the format?

As a general rule, in each session you learn-practice-apply a new skill under the guidance of your coach, as well as revisiting previous skills. However, our coaches are able to adjust sessions to the unique needs of the group.

The Leadership Journey® now includes QwikCoach, a 24 by 7 on-line coaching and support tool.

QwikCoach provides simple and direct access to hundreds of tips, techniques, and practice exercises. And, each Leadership Journey program has its own private domain where documents and updates may be shared only by class attendees.

How does the Leadership Journey® benefit me? My organization?

The skills developed during your journey work in a cohesive manner to increase individual and team behaviors and levels of accountability. Upon successful completion of the Journey, you will:

  • have a thorough understanding of yours (and others)
  • leadership style preferences
  • understand how you are perceived by others
  • express what it is you want to achieve and
  • secure buy-in
  • utilize the uniqueness of others to fulfill the vision
  • market your unique skills
  • give and receive feedback in a healthy, honoring manner
  • meet difficult situations (conflict) head on
  • utilize all of your senses to fully listen
  • successfully manage change
  • improve teamwork, thus driving quicker decisions, improved productivity and better business results.

Who should take the journey?

Individuals, departments, cross-functional teams; anyone who wants to improve their effectiveness when dealing with others, be more productive, improve communication, and drive business results.

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